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Here are the answers to some of the most FAQ we get:

Do you have Female Photographers & Videographers?
Yes we have both female or male photographers and videographers for your wedding day.

What is your photography Style?

Our photography style is called Editorial. It is a mix of both posed shots and candid photojouralistic shots. Wedding photos can make you cry with happiness, but some of the best shots can have you crying from laughter. Anyone from the flower girl to the groomsman to the newlyweds themselves can be caught in a hilarious moment during a wedding. We want to make sure you have all those moments as well as amazing portraits for you to hang on your wall.

How long have you been photographing weddings?
We have been photographing and Filming weddings for 7 years. We have shot over 150 weddings and average around 30 weddings per year.

Do you have any other photography and/or video experience or training?
Yes Alex and Austin both BAs from Brooks institute of photography where we spent 3 years studing Photography and Cinematography. Austin is also a graphic designer who designs Save the Date, Invitations, and Thank You cards for her wedding clients.

What percentage of your bussiness is devoted to Photographing & Filming Weddings?
Weddings are our specialty. More then 75% of what we do is Weddings. We also do Family,Children and Newborn photography but only small amount each year so that we can focus on our wedding clients.

How many weddings have you photographed as the primary shooter/ Will you be shooting my wedding?
Austin or Alex is the primary Photographer or Cinematographer at every wedding. We realize that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event so, we do not send out assitants or second photographers/videographers to shoot your wedding day. 

Will you provide a second photographer for my wedding day?
All of our packages except our most basic package includes a second photographer/videographer. Our second photographers adn videographers have been with us for over 4 years. They are true second shooters who spend the entire day photographing or filming your wedding.

Do you shoot film or Digital and what kind of equipment to you use? 
We shoot digital with professional Nikon SLRs: Photography D4 & D800 with several back cameras which are brought along to every wedding. Cinematography: D800, D600, D700, Hero 3 as well as several backup cameras. We also carry mulitple flashes and video lights. Steadi-cam, tripods & shoulder mount for video. Wireless mics for amazing video sound. Reflectors and Silks to make sure we have great lighting in all situtaions.

Do you bring back up equipment? Yes we have backup eqiupment always with us. 

Do you have liabilty insurance and a Bussiness License? Yes we have Liabilty insurance and a business license.

Do you retouch and color correct photos before delivery? Yes